91 Express Club members get a chance to win $100 gas card

The 91 Express Club is a great deal for frequent travelers. Every time you take a trip on the 91 Express Lanes, you save $1 per toll.

For a limited time, you have an opportunity for even more benefits. Sign up now and you’ll be entered to win a $100 gas card. Current members will be entered automatically. Weekly drawings will be held through June 30. Enroll today! For more info click on the link [ more ].

No cash, no problem when using the new ExpressAccount on TheTollRoads

The ExpressAccount™ choices below are three new payment methods that don’t use a transponder. You can pay using a Prepaid ExpressAccount, by replenishing tolls using credit card, cash or check.  You can pay using a Charge ExpressAccount, your credit card will be charged every day you pass through a tolling location. Or you can pay using an Invoice ExpressAccount you will be sent a monthly invoice itemizing your accumulated tolls. [ more ]